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  1. It was pretty good for a first review; not too short at all. heh, don't worry, you'll find your own "style" after a while. =]
  2. I didn't know if that was long enough by the way since it was my first review. If you want a longer one next time just ask
  3. lol. kk
  4. I finished. Just make sure to edit the title. I accidently put GBA instead of Game Boy Color <_<.
  5. Okay I'll go do it now thanks.
  6. hm.. I thought some of the others would have had their reviews up already. If you want you can go ahead and make it now since there's still one space open in the stickies.
  7. No Problem. Thee deserves it.
  8. ah, yes. Thanks~
  9. Do my eyes decieve me? Probie mod. Grats.
  10. Ol' English thou say?

    Prince Poppyshock shall impress thee.
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