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  1. Eric, can you make a "vs" thread titled.

    Super Mario 64 vs Super Mario Sunshine?
  2. Hi, whenever you get the chance may you change my Superman 64's review title to [N64]Prince's Superman 64 Review. Thanks
  3. Then play it. Its as bad as superman 64 and ruins the legacy that robocop built for himself.
  4. oh, nope. Can't say I have. sorry.
  5. Oh cool, frozen yogurt is good, and have you ever played Robocop 2 for the xbox lol?
  6. I was out getting frozen yogurt and checking out gamestop and the like.
  7. Where if I may ask sorry if I sound nosy.
    Btw have you ever played Robocop 2 on the xbox?
  8. Not much. Just got back from being out and about.
  9. Hi. What up man?
  10. Okay. Yea I used to write reviews for this nintendo forum website. The site died like four months ago. The main owner of it started a lot of uneeded drama and everyone left. Well mostly.
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