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  1. ah nothing much. Thinking of getting a ps3 next month.
  2. ohai eric. What's been up with you lately?
  3. No Prob! Anytime
  4. It is an interesting idea. I will ponder.

    Thanks for the suggestion. ^^
  5. Thanks for linking me to it, but I have a slightly better idea. I think making a seperate section for this type of thing would be cleaner and better. It would be a sub - section to video games and on it all the people who create video game reviews could make one thread for example..

    Raiken's Video Game Review Index


    There we could update the list and it could be much easier finding someone's reviews instead of looking on a thread for em. Erm not sure though, your choice.
  6. Not sure if you've seen it yet, but I after seeing your blog entries for your reviews, I thought you might like this thread that I made.
  7. Its fine, I don't see a problem with who makes it. =]
  8. I already made it though. @[email protected]

    oh, I only locked the last one because you had to ask. lol (formalities and all that)
  9. Last time, you locked it! Lolol, but I'll make it then if its fine this time around.
  10. Well, I'd have no problems if you made it yourself. If you want me to, sure.
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