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  1. ah, it's not a problem.

    My favorite is 10.
  2. Final Fantasy is really good. Hate to ask 20 questions but have a favorite FF game?
  3. The usual Final fantasy and Tales of.. series games. (tales of symphonia being by far my favorite rpg, and game, of all time).

    Of course, I like to play a bunch of other ones that I can't possibly name them all of the top of my head. lol
  4. Ya I was reading the positive reviews online recently and it seemed to get many positive reviews, but other then that I do enjoy rpgs.
    Speaking of rpgs, what are your favorites?
  5. Indeed, I have heard a many good things about it. o.o

    I'm also really big into rpgs and such. heh
  6. Aaah alright. How about Black Ops? I personally hate COD, but I heard the game was pretty good.
  7. oh, @[email protected];;

    yeah, sports are about as far from my tastes as can be ^^; thanks for suggestion at least though.
  8. Madden 11, hands down. Well, that's if your a hand of football and NFL.
  9. besides the giant library of great games it has. ;P

    which one do you think I should get first?
  10. Ps3? Good choice. Any games your planning on buying?
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