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  1. Haha yea. I'll try and think of some winners soon enough, and guess what's on January 5th!. My birthday (: I'll be 18. I'm excited.
  2. heh, no harm in coming up with ideas.

    After all, one of them could turn out to be a super innovative one that can make things really cool. ^^
  3. Great to hear. (:

    And alright. I may have one.. though it could appear pretty dumb. Is there anyway we could create AF "Video Game Teams".? I'll explain since it may appear confusing at first.

    If we do hold the "contests" that I suggested to you, we should also build teams. Such as the red team/blue team/yellow team/etc. Those teams will be permanent and there will be no changing them.. This could broaden the idea of a contests in many ways. There will be 4-5 people per team.

    Dumb? Eh, I'm just thinking of ideas. Could of been better.
  4. I'm doing pretty well. Enjoying my new ps3 and samsung 32". =D

    And, sure, I'm always open for suggestions. ^_^
  5. Hey. What up Eric?
    Btw are you still looking for some ideas on the video game section?
  6. Ya someone is going to pay! D= That was.... mine.
  7. oh snap
  8. Wasn't it only like five years ago? I could be wrong though and oh em gee! Someone stole the username "CmPunk". Thief!
  9. It was alright.

    Man, that movie was a long time ago now. I really feel old. ;P
  10. Oh cool, I liked that one. I also just rewatched Advent Children and this time around I liked it more than the 1st time I saw it.
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