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Conversation Between Skylar1 and Anime Forum

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  1. lol, yeah, she's a girl.
  2. Its a girl right? xD. For some reason, I thought it was a guy when I first saw the pony, same with applejack. Either way she's cute :3.
  3. rainbow dash :3
  4. Days off? I don't get many of those anymore.
    Fine. Working on my next youtube video. I'm no smosh, but our channel has over a million views.
    By the way, who's the pony in your avatar? I only know a couple names, like Rarity and Applejack. <<
  5. heh :3

    I'm doing pretty well, enjoying my day off. yourself?
  6. Hey, what up Eric :P?
    I noticed you're a fan of MLP?
  7. Nah your not. I know people who the same thing, and 10 months?. Not bad. Hope they pay you good owo
  8. I've been there for about 10 months now.

    and, yeah, I have this tendency to laugh at odd moments. It's not so much that I find anything humorous per se, as I'm just trying to keep things in good spirits.

    Meh, I'm weird.
  9. Wasn't trying to be funny <_< sorry, it just ticks me off a bit when someone saids lol when I didn't make a joke. How long have you been working at the grocery store? I've been looking to get a job at the dollar store. Hopefully I get it.
  10. lol
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