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Conversation Between Skylar1 and TheThunderBringer

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  1. oh neat. Haven't seen you in like a year. nice to hear from you again.

    and yeah, lol, rainbow dash is awesome.
  2. ERIC!!! I had to pop in to say hi to you again, lol. And nice avatar! I love mlp:fim xD
  3. Atm, Fallout New Vegas still.

    but, like I said before, I have this long list of games I'm like half way through that I still need to finish. =P
  4. Well, all in due time, I suppose.
    What games are you playing right now?
  5. I can't do that, since I don't mod the misc section.

    The best I can do is report it to the Admins, which, I've already heard their input on the situation.
  6. Ouch, that's pretty rough, you should demand $10,000 up front for extra services. $10,000.
    Since you're back and ready for action, I say ban VG555 to get back into the swing of things.
    And make another thread.
  7. My store was going through a re-model and gearing up for a grand re-opening. 3 people had decided to up and quit at relatively the same time, so Eric got stuck with having to make up for the labor deficit for about 4 weeks. x____x

    Since then, they have hired more people, and my hours have reached equilibrium again. (which you may or may not have noticed why I haven't been making my usual daily threads on here)
  8. And my I inquire as to what was happening to change your normal work schedule?

    I know what you mean about finishing games lol, I seem to set more gaming goals than study goals T^T
  9. Eric's doing pretty well also. Finally back on my normal work schedule, so now I can get back into my reading habits and such.

    Still need to try to get farther into some of my games though. @[email protected] have like a list of "need to finish playing"; lol
  10. I would say it's going pretty well; I just came back from getting my braces off, so that's cool. But I have to write a 7par rough draft essay thing on Julius Caesar by tomorrow, so that's NOT cool. But then again, I'm going to Joanne Fabrics later for manga drawing lessons (Wednesdays for $15 =D), so that's cool, too.

    And yourself?
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