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Conversation Between Skylar1 and SigmaSD

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  1. lulz. I bet he was cutesy. *smile*

    Hmm... yeah they do, but not if you brush their hair. Also, pets are hard to take care off when they little cause they get into trouble, but when they grows up, they learn.

    Sigma doesn't want to be mean, but I can't stop laughing at that one post on the ethnicity thread. rolf.
  2. Eric had a shelty. he was the nicest dog in the world~ ^__^

    Pets are hard to take care of, and make messes with hair.. @[email protected]
  3. Oh really? What breed?

    Hmm... why Erics no likes pets? Pets are cute and cuddly. The only thing Sigma no like is tarantulas/spiders. *shivers*
  4. Eric haz only had a dog before.

    But I think I'd be more of a cat person. I dunno. I'm really more of a no-pets person. @[email protected]
  5. Eric is just like Sigma then. lulz. I think its because everyone is handling college and/or working. Before Sigma talked to lots of people. Now Sigma talks to 2 or 3 of old buddies.

    What does Erics prefer, cat or dog?
  6. Eric hangs out with all of his friends online. (mostly because they're the ones with busy agendas =P) It's a lot easier that way anyways~
  7. Aww, poor Erics. So then how do you hang out with yous friends? *huggles*

    I will, Sigma will pull through, though it wont be as good as it could. *smile*
  8. I typically work on weekends about 99% of the time. @[email protected] lol

    awww, I'm sure you'll come up with something soon enough~ =D *huggles*
  9. Wow that's petty awesome, you has a lot of days of the week off, but I guess you has to work on Saturday and Sunday, that's no fun.

    Sigma is trying to write a poems right now for the poem thingy, but can't come up with anything good. *sigh*
  10. good, good. It wasn't too busy today. gots my schedule for next week.

    My days off are Mon, Tue, and Wen
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