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Conversation Between Skylar1 and SigmaSD

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  1. *sings to "raindrops keep falling on my head" rhythm* Starfish are falling on my head... I guess that means my eyes will soon be turning red... cause I love stars.... starfish of all the kinds....*continues singing randomly*
  2. lulz~ it would be wonderful :3
  3. I do? *cuddles* Oh heys, I can sings for you agin if you wants. lol. I would share a lollipops with you, but Ellxeeva couldn't rescue it. :8 O wells.

    I really need to stop posting on mah own profile. I needs to answer other people's messages. :o They must be maaad.
  4. oh. lol. YAY!

    Siggy always makes eric feel better~
  5. Whats wrong? *concerned*

    Sigma did something stupid. I responded to your other message on my own profile, so you didn't get it. *hits self on desk* I keep forgetting that I has to go to the other person's profile.
  6. ;____; eric is sad..
  7. ;____; poor siggy.. *holds* it's ok, Eric will comfort you. ^__^
  8. Ish nice to know that Erics is oki. *huggles*

    Sigma feels better now. My eyes is not as black as I would have thought. But Sigma's pride hurts more than zee eye.
  9. =^____^= good~

    messing teh internets and stuff. =D how about you? how's your eye feeling? o___x;
  10. Yay!!! It ish Erics. *huggles* How are you doing? :3
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