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Conversation Between Skylar1 and blueangel06661

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  1. Still playing around with it and the software for the time being. Once I have some solid time off from work I can work on some songs. Probably make some trance/electric, then try dubstep for the first time. Lol

    Concerts are pretty fun.
  2. lol random. But that's neat! Are you going to be posting your stuff on AF anytime soon?

    Today I'm going to a Fall Out Boy concert at work today. Super excited.
  3. Just realised I haven't chatted with you casually in years. Just curious how things have been with you? Myself, I just recently bought a synthesier for producing my own music, its pretty neat
  4. Hi?
  5. Hey
  6. Sorry I didn't reply last night.. I caught it an hour late and went back to bed. Anyways you can message me whenever you wake up because I probably won't be online.
  7. Well I have yahoo that lets me message MSN peeps. No one ever used MSN so I uninstalled it. And now people are using it and I'm too lazy to install it back
  8. Does blueangel have msn? ^^
  9. Ahahaha you're silly xD
  10. =OOOOO awesomeness beyond awesome!!

    <33333 thank you so much!! ^__^ Imma use both~
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