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Conversation Between wolfgirl90 and Videogamer555

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  1. Your point? I know its on DVD (I never said it wasn't). You posted the picture of it in your failed thread, remember? Also, I don't even care if it is.

    You already insulted me about this so I am in no mood to discuss this with you anymore (as if we were actually having a "discussion").

    Again, don't leave me stupid, asinine visitor messages or I will report you.
  2. By the way the movie IS AVALABLE on DVD. Its interest hasn't died out, but instead re-surged. Remember, DVD technology didn't even exist in the 1980s, back when this movie came out. So the DVD release of it has occurred relatively recently.
  3. First of all, your thread was closed based on its own stupidity. I may have been on this forum for a long time, but I have no powers to influence the mods. They make their decisions on their own, not because of anything that I said. Second, if you had read my post, you would have seen the fact that I actually said that I enjoyed the movie when I was younger and agreed with you that the movie had some stuff in there that wasn't for kids, namely sexual innuendo and crazy-as-hell violence.

    Your thread left nothing to discuss. All you said was that you saw the movie and you liked it. AND?! You could have said that you liked the "Alien" movies (one of my favorite movie franchises) and I wouldn't have cared so long as you had nothing to discuss about.

    Don't leave me stupid visitor messages again or I will blast the hell out of them. And insulting me is NEVER a good idea. Don't write checks that your idiotic troll behind can't cash.
  4. That Starchaser movie you say is nostalgia. Maybe so, but nostalgia implies you saw it before when you were young and like seeing it again now. Guess what, this was the first time I saw this movie, and it was epic. I don't care how old it is if it has elements that make it epic, then its epic. Definitely PG-13, and the swearing used on a couple occasions is more than mild words like "damn" or "hell", as I heard "bastard" and "son of a bitch" in there, which are usually considered stronger words or "adult language". Definitely not a "kid's movie", despite the fact it is animated, and made in the US not Japan. Yes usually western cartoons are for kids, but this ain't one of them.

    And thanks to you talking about this movie in that thread as if it was an uninteresting movie, you managed to convince the mod to lock the thread. My thread is now closed BECAUSE OF YOU, YOU MORON!!!!!!!!!
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