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Conversation Between wolfgirl90 and GameGeeks

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  1. Psst, Lightbuster already posted that in the other thread.
  2. Yeah, just picked up a 2tb one myself. My internal one holds little. Probably should have picked up a better internal one but didn't feel like the hassle and the portability appealed to me.
  3. I had a bunch of them saved up but my hard crashed and I lost most of them. *sigh*

    Only now do I realize the greatness of a portable hard drive.
  4. Yeah, don't really see animal pics like you did two years ago. Kinda miss them.
  5. Yeah, I'm animal lover (been around animals a lot). As you've noticed, most of my positive and negative pictures will have animals in them.

    It's one thing for a person to glare but it's funnier if a cat does it.:3
  6. You love animals don't you.
  7. Gotta love Zelda.
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