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Conversation Between Light Buster and Navigator

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  1. YAY! I look forward to talking with you more!! ^_^ <<Hug.>>
  2. That's cool. Once I'm done with the midterm, I'll start talking again.
  3. Awh I'm sorry that your internet is being lame! D:
    Mine has actually been acting very odd lately. Just earlier in fact!
    I had to go mess with the router and modem, delete some cookies.
    All that nonsesne! I hope you do well on your midterm!
  4. Sorry, my internet is being very strange right now and I'm currently studying for my US History midterm right now.
  5. you have not talked to me in a long time!! ;-; I'm sad. ):
  6. Oh cool! I am just 20.. almost 21!
    So not too much older than you. Teehee. ;D
  7. I am just zooming here and there on AF!
    I have lots of people talking to me!
    And then on MSN. Haha. But only one person there thankfully!
    And watching some TV!
  8. 19.
  9. Oh well that's goood!
    So how old are you? (:
  10. BTW, are you doing anything right now?
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