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Conversation Between Light Buster and Anime Forum

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  1. I will once I get back on.
  2. Add me on X1 boi.
  3. Can't really do it right now. I'll need to finish my college stuff first before I can do that.
  4. Hey send a friend request to Edgehead8060 on xbox.. my bro is using it so I'll accept after.. well if you want <_<.
  5. Hey man. What's good Busta?
  6. Alright bro. Take care of those dogs and have good time (:
  7. Me too. Anyways, I have to be off now, need to feed my dogs.
  8. You mean the dumbass on the blog portion of this website? I've only known her for five minutes and I already realized she has the brain size of a peanut. Its fun toying with her though'
  9. I'm good. Just trying to kick Galleo out. Or at least the mods do it for us.
  10. Hi, what's up bro?
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