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Conversation Between Light Buster and Animedude5555

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  1. Well good for you, you managed to do some snooping around. For the character, I'll leave the research up to you.
  2. I found your Youtube account.

    I started searching "Light Buster" on Youtube, and I found it.

    By the way, who's Subaru in your Avatar (and sig pic) supposed to be? What game or anime?
  3. Geez man, you don't have to be a tattletale. I just forgot to switch it back.
  4. I know it was originally like that. That's why I'm saying it shouldn't be used. It's too far above a G rating to be good on AF. And unlike threads, which have titles that can include content warnings, profile pics have no warnings, nor any way to add a warning. So some little kid on this site who's parents don't want them to see those kinds of images, may while browsing AF click on your profile, and be exposed to an image that their parents would NEVER have wanted them to see, with NO WARNING.
  5. Uh, you know that image was originally like that. But you probably would just jump to conclusions.
  6. I thought we were trying to keep our forum more G rated than your profile-pic is. It's obviously a naked anime girl with just a couple white lines drawn on for censorship. I posted something similar in the forum before, and ended up with my thread being deleted. And unlike a thread in a forum, the profile pic has no possible way of putting a title on it that says "PG-13 content in here", or even put "spoiler" tags around the image, to give a forum viewer the opportunity to choose whether or not to view it. I hope you change your profile-pic soon or I will report you to an admin.
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