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Conversation Between miniPhil and Skylar1

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  1. D: odd, what a strange oversight. I thought I already had you added as a friend. o_O'

    no worries though, all good now.
  2. Why aren't we friends Eric? Why the bloody hell aren't we friends? Don't you love me? ;-;
  3. yeah. I can't watch trailers anymore just for that reason...

    In fact, I've found it's best to go into watching a movie knowing nothing about it. Like, I don't even read the description or anything most of the time. :3
  4. I saw the trailer for Unstoppable and thought 'Well I know the entire plot, no need to see the movie'.
  5. Speaking of train movies. We just saw this really intense one the other night called "unstoppable"; based on true events.
  6. nah, I say that about everything :3
  7. You say that like it won't be.
  8. heh, looks interesting. I'll have to see if it's good.
  9. I love Moon so much. The director, Duncan Jones, is making a new film called Source Code. Can't wait till it's out.

  10. hahaha

    but seriously though, that movie was mega win!
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