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Conversation Between miniPhil and TheThunderBringer

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  1. k added
  2. Add me on Steeeeeam. I love TF2

    Username on here is the same on steam :P

  3. You can dam well bet when B&W comes out I'm nick naming him Smug Leaf. I only play with the classiest and coolest pokemon. Like all of the following. And Snorlax. I've nicknamed him Baron Von B.(Short for Baron Von Breakfast).
  4. I never realized how funny Tsutaja/Smug Leaf could be until your avatar and the picture you posted 'Go be poor somewhere else.' You better believe I saved that picture.
  5. Tsutaja is superior.
  6. I'm in half minds about em. Any particular song I should be listening to. And while were swapping stuff you simply must try Calypso Rose.
  7. YOU SAID SKA, now I demand you listen to The Aquabats.
  8. I like the sound of that. If we both just focus of her scores we should have her down in no time
  9. Forgot to mention, I say we take down Cantelope and steal all his highscores, and get US to the top 2! Bwahaha!
  10. Oh yeah, you had like, 200, right? You can beat mine whenever, it's only 14, or something.
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