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Conversation Between miniPhil and The Rebel

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  1. I haven't gotten to Matt Smith yet. Sadly, due to our serious lack of money coming IN, we don't have cable now so I haven't been able to watch the newest episodes of Doctor Who. I have it saved on netflix, but not due to start arriving for awhile. Too much anime in my list, LOL.
  2. No Matt Smith? But hes the best :P
  3. French? I thought it was Spanish! Ahhh!
    Of course I'm a fan of Doctor Who. I've seen half of the 3rd Doctor all the way up to David Tennant.
  4. You don't speak french? Though I do see your a Dr. Who fan.
  5. Now you just being mean to me miniPhil.
  6. Ce qui ne vous comprends pas?
  7. Say wha?
  8. Excusez-moi? Vouliez-vous dire 'mon frere'? Et je suis une femme.
  9. I was wondering who that was out there? ROFL SO, how have ya been mon'frier?
  10. What are you talking about? I see you through your bedroom window every night.
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