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Conversation Between miniPhil and SuXrys

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  1. I don't know. I don't live in America. But I'll guess that something is happening over there, I just don't know what!
  2. I dropped the words 'Is there' and simply said 'Nothing on your end of the pond?'. The pond being the Atlantic. Basically what I asked was 'Is there nothing happening over in America atm?'
  3. o_O I didn't really understood what you said right But Im having a friend over so today atleast something is happening! But yesterday was just dull
  4. Nothing on your end of the pond?
  5. hahah sounds like alot of fun! Glad that atleast one of us had a eventful weekend.
  6. Sure am, Monday through Friday. Party, party, party!
  7. Great! We doesn't have anything like that from where Im coming from, so now you have made me feel a little jealous (good for you) lol. x) Are the festival this whole weekend?
  8. It's just a general town festival. Theres music, food, carnival, several parades. Fun in general.
  9. What kind of festival is it? music / or a theme / or something else?
  10. I'm enjoying the local town festival Much fun to be had indeed.
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