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  1. It's alright it's the same situation as last time, we both have certain ones we know a lot about and Grell's grade wasn't that low in ethics it was a C and A in paratical and B in his other one, he got A overall because practical had 3 grades, which were all A's Also Grell hasn't got an e at the end, sorry I love this anime so much Also would u like to ask me a question or would u like to play something else, I don't want to force yaXxxx
  2. The Angel. And yeap. She did. ;D

    Sorry for the late reply, been busy. lol. But TBH, I don't remember what Grelle got in his ethics class. Been a long time since I've seen the series-but I know it was pretty dang low. xD
  3. Do u mean Madam red or the angel cause the angel first showed up in the episode about the dogs and the demon hound,where they found plutoXxx
  4. It was the episode when Ciel got kidnapped by the Italian guy also I am sorry but u got it wrong the answer was William T Spears My question hmm What grade did Grell have in ethics, this was in the OVA of The story of Will the reaper? Good luckXDXxx
  5. Ouu. Well- I get a point for that guess then!

    And yep! And answer to your q~ Claude.

    And your question! When was the first time Angela showed up?
  6. Now i understand if mystery it was the Jack The Ripper case
  7. Do u mean a case?Xxx
  8. Well that was good but I didn't mean it like that, I mean that Sebastian is a crow demon while Claude is a spider Also it was about the drugs and Ciel being kidnapped because the Italian guy he had burnt was something to do with his company hmmm Who was the March hare in Ciel in wonderland?Xxx
  9. Sebastian would be a European demon-closer linked to the devil as he devours souls through contracts, I do believe.

    ~Hrm. What was the first mystery of the series that the Queen had Ciel solve?
  10. Easy! Green ok my turn What type of demon is Sebastian? A bit harder Good luckXxx
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