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Conversation Between かごめ and Tanenr Redday

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  1. ok ^-^
  2. Then I'm sure it'll work out. ^^
  3. yah the arguing and killing vampires makes a great pair. but yes i do love her
  4. Aw. Well I hope you twio can work it out. It sounds like you two were made for one another. ^^
  5. well me and her are currently trying to work out our relationship but with having to travel and kill vampires all the time it just hurts us both. *sigh* thts about it
  6. Oh? May I pry and ask what kind of issues?
  7. well Victoria and i are having issues. You know beeing Vamp Hunters and all
  8. Heh. Can't really cahnge who a person is. Not that I'd change a thing about him.

    SO-what's up with you?
  9. *laughs* thts great kagome
  10. ^-^ I won't. It's difficult to keep him from following through, but in the end I seem to manage.
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