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Conversation Between hatoko_hinata and redtear

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  1. yey! Thanks!
  2. Good luck on the finals ^^.
  3. KP!! I'm finally able to come back!! gaahhh!!! (so unlucky to have been listed under a terror professor in my first year.. xD) hahaha! The semester's coming to an end so I'm making the most of my rare free days now.. hell weeks are coming!!! how are you??
  4. I miss you hato-chan. Hope college is going great ^^ do your best.
  5. ummmm doesn't matter T_T; the Mayan calendar specifically predicted that hato-chan and i would bring a zombie apocalypse >_> on December 21st, 2012 T_T;. And YES <_< it specifies KP and hato-chan >.>;. So yepppp T_T give it a couple of days and out of no where hato-chan will gain this super programming knowledge cause she's chosen ^^;. Now that i think about it T_T; hato-chan and i talked about turning people into zombies ^^; in our past PMs lol. I wonder what that was about <_<;.
  6. Hahahaha! That would be so cool!! Hahahahaha! But then again, I'm still starting school.
  7. Hato-chan >_> and i should team up and create a program that turns people into zombies T_T yep. We can release it december 21, 2012 too ^^. We will be the people responsible for the end of the world <.<; lol.
  8. Hi redtear! We must have met at our previous lives. Or, I might be hungrier than you.
  9. Hi Hatoko we should really be friends. For some reason i get the feeling we've already know each other for a couple of years o_o; or could this feeling mean im hungry T_T.
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