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Conversation Between Luzifer and sunnyside

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  1. Always the popular engima aren't you? Anyway your PM box is filled up, so I'll just leave this here.

    So Nightmarchers has finished except for the epilogues. I know you havne't posted in quite a while, but I thought it would be interesting if you tried to do an epilogue, because it would most likely involve your character eventually getting killed, rising, and then, now that the island has fallen under the control of a dark ancient Hawaiian god and his Kahuna, getting on with his "not life". Tensions with America are high enough as it is, so the dead aren't treated so bad and there is some trade with Russia and China. So he might shamble about growing pineapples and living in a damaged abandoned house, perhaps using meagre wages to pay for paper to write, books to read, or basic cable or something. Though there are different directions you could take things. Maybe he'd stay in the house he was trapped in for a while with Kaname and mess around with the Gnostic stuff.
  2. After ages of no posts, I think enemyraidz might have managed to drop on in while you were typing yours. What are the odds?
  3. Still checking the RP board I see. Perhaps it's time for you to make another game?
  4. I see you're back making great characters again. How do you find the current batch of games?
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