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Conversation Between Shinn Kamiyra and Skylar1

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  1. Indeed. While the last one was made of awesome, it was getting too black and white-ish to look at. I needed something with an influx of color and life, something that I could simply take a moment to sit back and revel in the beauty of. Just wish I could've found a signature to go with it though. ><
  2. I like this avatar better
  3. :3

    no problem~
  4. -Grins some- Sounds good. That will give me 'bout just enough time to get my team assembled as well. When you have a spare moment, let me know when you've maxed them out. We'll have an epic battle.
  5. Maybe a week or two. depends on how much time I have; work and all.
  6. Hey, how long do you think it's going to take you to get your dream together together? You seem like you'll be pretty strong, so what do you think 'bout a match?
  7. Oh, okay. o_o
  8. nope.

    I actually watch -that- many youtube vids, that I just happend to come across it completely by accident. lol
  9. -Grins some, raising my hands up- Alright, alright, I admit it, you got me. That was certainly where I saw that pic for the very first time.

    You've sparked my curiosity a bit though. I know I posted a "Best Electronic Music of all Times," in the Music section just a little while ago, so is that what lead you to it? 'Course it wouldn't be surprising if you'd know about the Mage's account for a while now, so did you simply remember seeing it from before?

  10. found it. ta-da~
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