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Conversation Between Shinn Kamiyra and Infinita

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  1. <3 Imma mizz youz lotz :3
  2. Hullo Shinn! Sure! It all depends on when the group chat is happening. I have to study for some important tests in the next few days but by Thursday night, I should be done all of them. And I am not sure about my weekend but please keep me posted on the group chat. I would love to join in and give my input. :3
  3. Hey, Usagi-chan! ^__^

    Just wanted to drop by and tell you that Kaitou and I are getting the Google Wave together in the next two days for the AF get together. We'll probably be having a group chat to talk about it before that though. Not sure when it's going to happen, but I hope you'll be able to make it.
  4. I like someone who cares about themselves and is adventurous like I am. He wasn't and it didn't work out so well.

    Yes, I want a cottage in the mountains the most. I want a place in Italy as my second. It would be cheaper in the mountains than in Italy. The mountains are a very amazing place to be. I can't wait to go back there. Well, you should go there one day. I believe you'll love it.

    I've already been to Italy but I would love to go again. There gelato is amazing, there pizza is pure awesome and I absolutely loved there desserts. I loved being in Rome and Venice the most. I wanted to be so adventurous but really couldn't since I was with a group.

    I use Skype more than Messenger but I may as well start using it from now on. lol Seems many people want to talk to me through Messenger. :3
  5. Oh yeah, I happened to download Windows Live Messenger last night. Had quite the little exhausting get together with everyone from AF. x.X

    If you have it, would you mind giving me your contact info so I can add you to my list? Mine is
  6. "Kicked him to the curb," eh? Well if that's what he deserved, then all the more power to you for it. ^^

    A cottage in the mountains, huh? Sounds nice. The beautiful sunrise peaking over the horizon, the sound of a nearby brook as it flowed along, the chirping of the little birds as the day starts and all the other hundred+ things untainted by the arm of man. -Deep throated sigh- Sure sounds like just the right place to go for a little heartfelt relaxation.

    Moments pass...

    ...Damn it, now I want to go there. v_v

    You want to go to Italy!? Those people make ice cream and pizza as though they were crafted by the hands of the gods. I've always wanted visit it at least once. There's something warming at the place; and from what I understand, the women are quite the select beauties to behold as well. ^^
  7. Well, there is a guy I am seeing currently but we aren't dating. I broke up with my last boyfriend. Kicked him to the curb as my friend referred to it as.

    For sure my friend! :3 Well, I want to make good money so then when I do get older, I want to make a cottage in the mountains. They're very beautiful and I would want to live there or go on vacation there if I can. If I could, I would love to go and live in Italy but that, would cost quite a bit of money and I would also have to take my education all over again. I have a rough idea of where I WANT to be but my plans aren't fully concrete yet. I want to get my degree and maybe think about my designation afterwards. And as for destination, most likely going to school in the same place but living here after my schooling? Not so much. :3
  8. -Tilts my head slightly, blinking in innocent confusion- ...Strange, I was almost sure I'd read something 'bout that. I guess I was remembering it wrong.

    No worries. So long as you work hard, plan smart, and keep at it one step at a time, I'm certain you'll get to where you want to be. I more or less have a general idea of where I'll be going in the next year or two. As a professional voice actor, eventually you've gotta go to one of the big cities where they're most prominent; places like New York, Dallas, Los Angeles, etc.
  9. I am a very short bunny. :3

    I don't have a boyfriend but I do love to snuggle.

    That's very true. I may be living somewhere different but we'll see where life takes this tiny bunny. I hope that in a few years, I will have a good job and some money on the side to do what ever I would like with it. This bunny is sorta broke right now. lol :3
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