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Conversation Between Shinn Kamiyra and Kaitou+

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  1. Oh, I see, I see.

    Well I don't know much of this, but I guess good luck on what you're doing. ^^ Yeah, having fun it's all what matters.
  2. Lol. Well maybe that's how some people do it, but a lot of the professionals I've listened to and my own teacher always advised polishing one's skills first and taking it one step at a time rather than just "jumping into it".

    'Sides, I'm not really interested in the title of "Pro" or whatever. If I can make a living out of this, get into what I want to get into, and have fun the way I'm doing now; that'll be just fine for me.
  3. Alright then.

    But you know, you don't have to go threw all these hoops.

    I mean if you're going Pro, probably but a lot of these people just grab a mic, hook it to their PCs and record.
  4. Thanks for the link. I'll check it out.

    I don't have anything on there just yet. To be honest I wanted to know until I'd completed my demo in a couple months before I started uploading anything. But if you're interested in hearing me, I can throw together a few pieces of script that I've worked with before and send you a recording in a day or two.
  5. Oh, I know people from I think that's a more mainstream and bigger site for voice actors, and most of the known ones are from there.

    But yeah, that's awesome. Do you have any example of your work via Youtube or some site?
  6. Not at the moment. Right now I'm still refining my basic skills via some online voice-over websites such as and Once I've grasped the basics after a few months' worth of jobs and auditioning, that's when I'll voice my video game/animation demo and then I can start it out to prospective clients.
  7. Are you a voice actor as an amateur(TeamFourStar or any of the Youtube ones) one of those who actually work for FUNi, Ocean etc?
  8. Hmm, what's up.
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