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Conversation Between Shinn Kamiyra and Kaitou+

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  1. Guess it kinda slipped our minds. x.x
  2. Oh my! I never added you as a friend? O_O
  3. Sounds like a lot fun indeed. =3 I only been to one con.

  4. Pretty damn good, if I might say so. -Grins some-

    It always gets my blood boiling to have an awesome time with friends around. Too bad it's over though; though now I've gotta get ready for the next anime convention coming up. Hopefully it'll be just as fun.
  5. How was the the party, buddy?
  6. Sounds like fun. =3

    And good timing, since it's a Saturday.
  7. Hrm... -Folds hands over chest, a look of sincere concentration on my face- Well, let's see...

    First we're going to go out to the mall and see if we can't find me an awesome present. Sometimes we do, sometimes we don't, but I guess you could say it's just like a starting point to hang out for the day. After that we'll probably go check to see if there are any good movies going, eat at a nearby restaurant afterwards, and then...

    -Blink blink- Um, I really don't know after that? I guess someone will have some cake and a few presents ready at whoever's house. From then on it'll be just an awesome time of chilling, playing some video games, and doing whatever we feel like doing. ^^
  8. Anytime, bro.

    What are the plans for your X birthday?
  9. Wow, that was quick. O_O

    Thanks for that, though. It's going to be an awesome one! ^^
  10. Happy Birthday, man.
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