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Conversation Between Chewbaka and Teru Murasame

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  1. Alright, cool. Hang tough, my friend.
  2. Yeah, kinda busy with life and all that. I'll be on more soon hopefully.
  3. Hey buddy. Long time no speak
  4. I got a message for it, yet the tab is empty.
  5. Do me a favor and list my post thanks/likes please. I can't see it at all.
  6. Yeah Strangereal owns. If Im still had Xbox, I'd get Ace Combat 6, but there's no friggin way I'm wasting my money on that piece of **** ever again!
  7. I liked the series when it was set in fictional places. The whole real world location crap sucks. e.e;
  8. Dude, if I had AC5, I totally would! All I have is Ace Combat Zero and Ace Combat 04. I can't wait until Ace Combat: Assault Horizon comes out!
  9. Huzzah, my friend!
  10. Mine was okay. We had an early St. Patrick's Day, so the Guiness was free-flowing lol
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