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Conversation Between Chewbaka and Albear

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  1. Albert...WESKER?!?!

    I jest, but anywho.
  2. My name is Albert.
    I changed the last part into a bear.. it sounds like that when pronounced in french.
  3. So, what made you pick that name?

    Hello, as well. =3
  4. Lol. Yess I didz!
    Hello by the way.
  5. Huh, you changed your name, and I totally didn't notice.
  6. He was actually pretty cool. Thanks for the gift.
  7. I hope Kon didn't annoy you if you ever watched Bleach. Lol.
    Btw, thanks for the gift earlier. Cheese appreciated! Nom nom nom.
  8. Thank you. Expect a gift back! Can't get enough of cake.
  9. I felt like you needed more cake, so I bought you one. Just how I do.
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