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Conversation Between Xieshunnuan and ╬Karami Mew~Meow

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  1. oh I'm in a house but not my home
  2. xD I see I see. Hmm, does that mean you're not at home atm o_o?
  3. Lol mhm!
    well ... there will be an engineering-like event this couple weeks, and other than that, nothing too much except that I'm going back Home :3
  4. xD!! I've only come back for like 4 days. I mean I pop in and out then I disappear.
    After a while I'm back :\ So are you up to anything new !
  5. ahhh yesss I was the same way~! >:O
    But then now I got used to it. I'd say I got used to it atfter being on every day for 2 weeks lol
  6. The site has changed quite a lot I'd say.
    At first I was like, "what the hell just happened?"
    Looks odd, but I guess I'll get used to it some time soon.
  7. hhahaha yess I know the feeling xD
    That's why I wake up at 7 on breaks/weekends, so i can do more xD .. though instead of doing what I'm actually suppose to I end up being stuck in AF xD
  8. ;D but ofc. Gotta make the best of todays if possible.
    Although I just mostly sleep in when I'm at home haha.
    Sleeping over 12 hours makes me... lazy. o_o I didn't wanna get up.
  9. awww that's a little suckie =/
    Buuut your still enjoying yourself right ^^
  10. Wouldn't say it's too different from your situation.
    Just recently got a steady job, but it caused me to move from South Philly.
    ): All the people I know is there. Now I can only visit like once every 2 weeks or so.
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