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Conversation Between Ms. Lucy and smile1010

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  1. Oh okay thats good!
    Glad to hear things are good!
  2. I got in a small fight with Shini, I'm alright now, thanks papri. <3
  3. Why is smile sad???
  4. Yay!
    Another member seeing the movie!

    I know it was confusing,
    but its such a fun film!
    Glad to hear that you liked it!
  5. I saw it!! It was tad confusing at first but I did eventually understand the plot!! Three thumbs up I say!
  6. Well I keep on getting distracted by this guy over here. *cough Shini cough*. I'm at the part when the Dr. tried to jump over that fence to get to the little girl, but it was like a dream or something and she was really jumping out of a building. Passed that, now that fat guy is eating up all of Japan.
  7. Hey no fighting on my profile!

    You are? AWESOME! What part are you at?
  8. I'll kill you Shini. OH AND I'm watching it right now He's just mad because he thinks i like him.
  9. Yes, I inspire all!!
    Haha just kidding.
    Tell me what you think when you finish it.
  10. Papri, you have inspired me to begin watching this Paprika movie. SO I SHALL.
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