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Conversation Between Ms. Lucy and delightfullymad17

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  1. Hi there!
    Sorry for the late reply. ^^;
  2. yo
  3. i agree though that the anime is better paced, and it's less perverted lol
  4. for myself i like the ending of the manga better than the anime, because it's SO emotional
  5. I would have to say the anime,
    since its more better paced than the manga.
    But the manga tells you so much more about the
  6. so which did you like more?
  7. Yep!
    I've read the manga MANY times.
  8. hey ms lucy! i never asked you but you watched the anime of elfin lied right? did you read the manga?
  9. Wuh?!
    My dancing Wilson avy??
  10. you new avator is kinda cool but creepy... lol!
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