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Conversation Between Ms. Lucy and Shini

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  1. The world misses you.

    Screw that, I miss you.
  2. First I'd like to say, I apologize for smile's pettiness. It is quite grotesque.

    I know! ;.; But I'm getting over it. I didn't even realize we still had the rep system -- you KNOW I have to rep Paprika!

    Wow, that must be tough, having known AF as the same old site for five years and to have such a big change.

    Luckily I didn't contribute too much, so I'm not too mad about losing my threads or posts in general.
  3. Haha you would know!

    That must really stink! You had alot of posts and reps.
    I'll be sure to rep you to get you back to where you were.

    I'm getting used to it.
    I've been a member since late 2005,
    so seeing a change like this after almost five years
    is shocking.

    Like alot of people, I miss my threads and reps I had,
    but I guess it can't be helped.
  4. I'd still be weary of her - she bites! XD

    That's nice that you were thinking about me! Yeah, I was like "well this is weird, why can't I log in?" So finally I just went ahead and remade it. But once I saw that whole thing about a lot of new people's accounts being deleted, I felt a little better. But I still miss my points. ;.;

    And yeah, I'm getting used to it. What about you? Liking it thus far?
  5. Thats true,
    but I inspired her, so my ego accepted it!
    Just kidding.

    You know what, I was just thinking about your account.
    Earlier everything after early May got deleted so I was thinking,
    "Hey, LordShinigami joined in May.....uh oh"

    Glad to see you adjusted to the change!
  6. Disregard anything that smile person tells you - they're very shady. Oh and I totally had my last account deleted in the upgrade, so this is me now.
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