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Conversation Between eano and Cielbk

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  1. boring...
    just anime video games manga...
    and study...
    only this
  2. Nothing much, school just started and so i mostly study or play with friends ^-^
  3. ya right...

    and whts doin
  4. Maaan poor little thing...
  5. so sad...
    my bunny also died... because a kitty cat scared him and he ran towards the wall, hit his head and died... i got to know that after 3 fkin days
    i wanna kill that person who was taking care of him in my absence
    my bunny...
    my sweet bunny...
  6. Yeaaa!! I once had a rabbit as well (when i was like 3 years old) but we didnt really know how to take care of it and one day my mom was like damn that rabbit's stink so she washed him.....the day after he was gone... :'(:'(
  7. u r right!!!!
    and they looooove eating chocolate i cant believe it
    i also had a rabbit and a hamster but they died cause they both grown older and older (they were so cute) :' (
  8. Hahaha i know how u feel (when they bite u i mean) back then i had all kinds pets and amongst them birds, i would get bitten alllllllll the time but they're just so cute u cant get mad at them.
  9. yes, i have birdiesssss!!!!!
    mommy dont like them and birds dont like her so i have to take care of them all alone...
    and they also use to bite me whenever i forgot to play with them in evenin T_T
  10. Iiiiiiiiiiiii wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiish!!!!!, my mom won't let me have one since i don't have time to take care of it. :'(
    Wbu, do u have one?
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