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Conversation Between -Shizu- and Nesh

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  1. Haha I bet~. .hack//Quantum is uhh, it has it's funny parts but mostly it's not lol.
  2. It's hilarious ^^
  3. Ohoho, I've heard about that. Looks fun
  4. actually I'm watching Ouran High!
  5. I'm good! Just finished watching .hack//quantum 2. Watch anything lately?
  6. A really nice piece of art!!

    I'm 'bout u??
  7. my bad lol, haven't been on here as often as I should be. Thanks! drew it for me a while back. So, how have ya been?
  8. I LOVE your avatar it's really AWSOME ^^
  9. haha.(bein' jelaus )
    wish I had a 3 day weekend but not everybody is lucky ^^
  10. woohoo, 3 day weekend~
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