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Conversation Between onyxeyes and Anime-Prince

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  1. hey how've you been?
  2. Not bad thanks. Away down the midlands of the UK for work. Been a long day but got a lot done and just chilling in the hotel now :]
  3. its been pretty good
    how about yours?
  4. You totally should XP

    How's your day been?
  5. Actually it sounds pretty good to me :3
    I'm going to have to check it out
  6. It's amazing.. It's about this royal family with the ability to control and influence the weather, but they have a son who is born with none of this power. He's got no magic in him. He hires this arrogant fishermans to help him go look for who has been mistakenly born with the prince's power ^^
    I probably make it sound rubbish but it isn't :P
  7. hmm can't say that I have
    whats it about?
  8. I like fantasy books too. But not so much the romance ones :P
    More like the Innocent Mage- Karen Miller. Ever read it?
  9. hahaha, what kind of books do you like?
    yes I am and it is a great one
  10. Hahaha oh dear :P
    Then you are strong. A great quote!
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