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Conversation Between ~Aladdin~ and Maki the contractor

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  1. That is so what I think but I'm too nice
  2. Teacher: Why are you talking when I'm teaching?

    Me: Why are you teaching when I'm talking?
  3. I hear you. I mean we have plenty of other things to do than just sit around in school listening to the teachers drone on about nothing
  4. It's over and now I'm back in Hell (school)
  5. Hahaha! How is your spring break? Or was if it is over...
  6. Hm let's say trying to keep the king in good hands

    A.K.A Alibaba
  7. Yeah. How about you what have you been up too?
  8. Must have been.
  9. Yeah I'm fine and my mom bought me tickets to the hockey game which was amazing!
  10. well then, hope you are fine
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