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Conversation Between Major.Tom and Zainox

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  1. Must've been a traumatic experience, I'd never be the same afterwards. Never.
  2. Yeah, it was a close call but most of us survived.
  3. Totally agree with ya, more time--> more pleassure.
    Gee are you lucky your tires didn't blow up from the Nokia's strength, you can bless the heavens your car still drives now o.O
  4. yeah, gotta love dem holidays!! Not that I do much other than play games and watch anime... But I get too do it more than I often would which is good!

    I got the Samsung Galaxy S4. I've been sporting a Nokia brick for years now. Threw it over my house and run it over with a car just to prove how invincible it was..
  5. Haha, I had that a week ago aswel.
    Couldn't find a way to delete it :P
    I got a new phone aswell D:
    No new house though:P

    Pretty good here also, day after tomorrow I got 2 weeks of holidays. So I got that going for me, wich is nice.
  6. I wrote this on my wall by accident.. -_-

    Moo!~ Or, what ever Ox's say. :P

    I'm good!! Got me a new phone, new house, moving in soon, things seem to be just swell!

  7. Why hello there Professor Zain. Ox.
    How are thee doing today?
  8. *sweeps away a tear* Arigatau, Hontou ni arigatou!
  9. *sobs* That was beautiful man!
  10. The road ahead is long. I shall meet comrades along the way, friends even! Together we shall triumph and it shall become a tale worth telling.

    The name Potatoe shall be known! By atleast a few!
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