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Conversation Between Yugito Nii and Zainox

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  1. Yeah, it's depressing... I wish I didn't get so much homework, aru.
  2. I really liked Blue Exorcist and C: Control. Just finished C: Control recently actually. Interesting story too it.
    But I know what you mean with time, I have no where near as much time as I used to for my hobbies. :/
  3. Thanks, aru. I want to watch a lot, but I just don't have the time, aru. Blue Exorcist, C: Control, and Black Butler II are also on my list.
  4. It should be on Youtube, I would be surprised if it wasn't. Though it's quite mainstream, so it shouldn't be too hard to find.

    I also want to pick Bleach up again. I stopped at ep 80 or something. Now that it's done, I want to watch it and get it out of the way. I personally prefer the manga, less filler.
  5. Well, now I am back to being awesome. Thanks for telling me, aru. I changed the smiley thing to cheeky, but I didn't mean to and now really don't feel like changing it. I am not cheeky today.

    I am bored and want to get into watching Bleach, because apparently every other shonen anime fan has seen it before, aru. Is it on YouTube?
  6. Haha, fair enough. :P
  7. Thanks, aru. I just hit "depressed" instead of whatever I wanted and was too lazy to figure out how to change it.
  8. Why's your feeling status depressed? D:

    Also, just a heads up. To reply to comments like these, you have to click view conversation which is above the post. That will send you to their page, so the post doesn't go to yours. Otherwise they won't know you replied. :P
  9. Haha, thankyee! I'm bootiful. :3
  10. I like your profile picture, aru. Unibrow?
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