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Conversation Between minjy and (_YvOnSo_)

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  1. Sure, no problem. lol
  2. That`s cool
    thank u too much
  3. List of my favorite songs in this thread that I posted:
  4. Ok I`m gonna listen 2 music
    but I don`t have any new songs
    can u tell me what ur fav songs???
  5. Cool. lol and it's a popular J-Pop band.
  6. sorry I mean don`t know it
  7. No,Idon`t it
    I love BVB and avril
  8. A band called ClariS that I love? lol
  9. Thanks. :3 Sorry, but what do you mean by Love the band ClariS ???
  10. It's great. lol Love the band ClariS.
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