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Conversation Between minjy and redtear

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  1. I love gothic metal bands (BVB)
    and rock and roll (avril)
  2. Oh that's great ^^ im sure u'll really like it. Let me know what u think when u start watching it. So what kind of music do u listen to? What's your favorite song?
  3. Okay thank u
    I`m gonna watch it
  4. Yeah ^^ that's fairy tail. If u want to watch something like naruto I'd highly recommend it ^^ I personally think it's evan better than naruto.

  5. Is this fairy tail???
  6. Hm well what kind of animes do u like. If u like romace than definitely watch clannad. That anime is very beautiful ^^. If u need recomemdations let me know like if u're looking for an anime like naruto fairy tail is really good also ^^.
  7. I don`t know anything about this cartoons !!!
    are they beautiful or not???
  8. Oh naruto is really good. I haven't been keeping uo with it though. My favorites are code geass, higurashi no naku koro ni, gurren lagann, clannad, full metal alchemist, ect. I watch lots of anime ^^.
  9. you`re welcome ^^
    my fav anime is Naruto
    What about u???
  10. Hi ^^ thanks so much for that friend request. U seem really nice ^^ what are your favorite animes
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