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Conversation Between minjy and dango-chan

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  1. really!!
    Ok I`m the best in my school
    and I know all the student
    my teachers love me cz I`m so smart
  2. I'm not really the best at my school. I think I usually manage to maintain As or Bs, though... Usually that's considered above average here.
  3. your welcome ^^
    I mean u r the best u r school
    but I don`t think so
    cz I think u surfing the internet all the time right???
  4. Thanks. :3 Sorry, but what do you mean by clover student, though??? =w=;
  5. Good luck 4 u
    maybe ur clover student am I right??
  6. I go to a prep school, so I think I probably have a little bit more work to do than in regular schools, but I think my school has shorter days, or less periods, than regular schools. =w= Some times I just have more homework than other times, so usually how busy my day/night is just depends on how much homework I have or how long the homework takes. :3
  7. busy??? I have school 2 but I`m not busy lol
    can u tell me about your school??? ^_*
  8. I'm good. Just been a bit busy with school lately... I have so many things I want to do and finish but no time. TwT
  9. you`re welcome
    I`m fine thank u,and you??
  10. Hello there. :3 Thanks for the friend request! X3 How are you? :3
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