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Conversation Between Ghost- and Riamu.Midori

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  1. Hue, if only
  2. XD Indeed friend you need to spend alot of time on it, it gets really addictive.
  3. .. I need streaming and freetime now to watch this for an unreasonable amount of time
  4. You must watch it now O.O its really good this amv pretty much tells you the story
  5. :0 I haven't heard of that last one (apologies for late replies)
  6. Im more a romance guy so my favourite anime's are Toradora, itazura na kiss and oreimo :3
  7. Noone knows it, but Ramna . Others could be Soul Eater and Fullmetal.... yourself?

  8. Indeed :3 so I guess I will start with the most basic way to start a conversation, what's you most favourite anime at this moment in time?
  9. Splendid :3 so, uh... whatcha wanna talk 'bout?
  10. *Pokes back* why yes that would be awesome :3
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