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Conversation Between FlashD and Zenister

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  1. Thanks very much!
  2. Your tag is ready. You can find it in the old Results thread in the Wallpapers forum. Sorry for being so late. v_v;;
  3. Thanks so much!
  4. <-- the badge was posted. Sorry for the insane delay. v_v
  5. Where is my wallpaper tag, mister? :P
  6. There is, but I chose to not let people see votes, because if the poll is visible, but doesn't show names, people just make alternative accounts and vote for themselves. On the other hand, if the poll shows names, people are afraid to vote for somebody else than their friends.
  7. Take your time :3. I know how exam week is. By the way, I'm always curious to know what the final vote comes out to in these things. Is there a way to make the poll visible?
  8. There, they are posted. Sorry for being so late, but I'm really busy with my exams period. I'll make you the tag somewhere after Wed, when they are over. v_v
  9. Announce the wotm winner already. :3 I'm dying of anticipation.
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