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Conversation Between MISS ALL SUNDAY and Takasu Ryuuji

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  1. I watch them from what you listed to all the new releases and airing in Japan. Deadman Wonderland, Great Teacher Onizuka, Attack on Titan, Accellworld, Sword Art, Mirai Nikki, Moribito, Samurai 7, Samurai Champloo, Sa murai Deeper Kyo, Sket Dance, My Teenage Romantic Comedy Snafu, Nana, etc the list goes on. If you ever want to talk about anime and manga I'm always open lol I'm a true anime freak. I guess I could be considered an otaku kindasorta, don't judge me lol
  2. Hey how are you? What kind of anime do you like? Aside from One Piece obviously lol
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