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Conversation Between xiroy and Takasu Ryuuji

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  1. Sorry I have yet to make a skype account. I work a lot lol
  2. I'm not telling you to change your ideas, these are just my opinions for you to think about, and if you like them you can incorporate the ideas into your plan un your own unique way.
  3. Also instead of a 10 min spectating time after death, I think 5 min would be better. Dont want players to get too bored or dulled waiting. But of course there is the option not to spectate and leave game after death, that way they can start over in another game lobby at their own pace.
  4. And as for the figurines no I dont know any sites to buy them at fair prices, sorry.
  5. That does sound like a good idea and I think it would work. My opinion though, instead of banning them completely, give them the option of staying to spectate but not communicate with the surviving players. That way they have to choose for themselves whether to grow as a player by watching and learning from the survivors for a brief time. Also that same brief period of spectating time will give them a chance to be revived by teammates. And hopefully by doing so both sides, dead and living players will show growth as a person together. Like in SAO. I think 10 min after death is long enough, then when the time runs out boot them from the game if they are unable to be revived. That's my opinion, what do you think?
  6. Never played it but I have seen it. Didnt really get into it though cause it looks like Legos lol. But I do like the idea of it on how it was an open world and you had to do certain objectives to get different items and such. So what's your idea? Im excited to read it lol and sure we can skype, I have to make an account after I get off work tonight and I will message you my username too.
  7. If you have skype add me: the.xiroy so I can chat easier with you.
  8. If you have skype add me: the.xiroy so I can chat easier with you.
  9. I know what I want to make now. I think it would be a great game. have you ever played minecraft?
  10. When you are sure that you are ready to start making a game message me and we'll work on a story board and artwork together if you're up for it.
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