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Conversation Between mio amasawa and redtear

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  1. hey ive written a story about you and me
    verify it at good reads
  2. lol i will :P but um ^^ i think u should get me into books first lol.
  3. 2 hours >_>; just how is that possible haha. I would love to read THAT fast. A 1000 books this year o_o that is like 3 books a day. Haha ^^ u would have to do nothing but read that year lol.
    Life is ok >.> though i've been thinking just what u and mayumi have been talking about ^^ lol.
  4. hey have you joined?
    if u want any help ask me!
    im always there ;3
  5. thx!!!
    you know reading a lot of books is my hobby!
    i finish thick books within 2 hrs
    btw hows life?
    ive even put bet with my friends at goodreads that ill finish reading 1000 books this year
    you can even buy manga books
    there are give aways there where if u win you will get free books
  6. I just saw it ^^ I messaged u back.
  7. you can join my group the great cat clan.
    im there at 2 other groups.
    hogwarts group and camp half-blood
  8. i am yuki amasawa at goodreads
  9. hey red! i sent a message at goodreads
  10. Well i signed up T_T; i kept the same username redtear
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