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Conversation Between LadyAkita and SentaiSenpai

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  1. It's no problem friend! I'm guilty of leaving the forum up and being off doing other stuff so its no biggie = ) I've tried several different kinds over the years. Zoloft, Paxil, Prozac, etc but I didn't much care for how they made me feel. I had a bad reaction to the Prozac. It made it where I couldn't sleep which naturally made me even more depressed lol

    Those are the types of people I generally get along with as well. I love easy going folks that aren't all jumping around hyper and stuff. I like to just simply chill ^^
  2. Yeah that's less than good... 97 is definitely not a healthy weith range! I'm glad you got some food though, and that it's a pizza. It's a great feel good food! Can't frown with a slice of pizza in your mouth, that's just science! xD

    As long as he's got you around, I'm sure your son will turn out just fine, just watch out for those teen years... they'll be rough! xD

    Yeah depression is something I can relate too, I've been struggling with that for most of my life, and it's affected me in some pretty sucky ways. So I can understand wanting to change things and get a better sense of self worth, not to mention you deserve to start feeling better about yourself. If you don't mind my asking, do you take meds for your depression?

    :3 Yeah you do seem pretty chill and laid back, which is great, as those are the types of people I tend to get along with the most. Also, sorry about the delayed response, I tend to leave the site up while getting distracted and doing other things.
  3. I managed to eat a small pizza today but that's been about it. I'm a naturally skinny person (I only weigh about 107 normally) but I've dropped down to about 97 because of all this. I know I've got to stay strong for my son so I'm trying to do better. Yeah, it was a really bad situation that I'm glad to be getting out of. I deal with depression as it is so having that already on top of having someone treating me horribly really has damaged my self esteem. I'm ready to have some kind of feeling of self worth. That and I don't want my son growing up thinking that it's okay to treat people like that. I want him to grow up to be a real man that will treat his future significant other with honor and respect like it should be. You seem pretty cool as well by the way ^^ I'm an easy going person. A little shy but I get along with most folks
  4. Oh wow... You should probably be eating, I'm not a doctor, but I hear eating is good. I just got to talking to you, and you seem pretty cool, so please don't let your health meter run low! Get you a sammich, woman! I can't say much about his laziness, since I too am a lazy bastard, but abusiveness is absolutely unforgivable. I may not be a saint, but physically harming a member of your own family, especially spouse and/or child, is just appalling to me. I'm glad you were able to get yourself and your kid away from that! The mental abuse sounds pretty bad too. I'm glad I've been able to at least help out a bit by chatting you up here though, since I can't be there to force feed you and keep your hunger meter up! xD
  5. Ah, those are some good suggestions and definitely something I could sure use! Especially that drink xD lol You're right. I do need to relax. I'm on the verge of stroking out over this I'm not even joking. I actually fainted the other day just between the stress and not eating or sleeping taking its toll on me. I bet your sis is doing a lot better after getting away from her ex. I know I'll be doing wonderful when I get away from mine. Besides being lazy he tends to be emotionally and physically abusive towards me as well. That's not the environment I want my son or myself in. Talking to you is making me feel better ^^
  6. ^_^ No prob! I'll be routing for you! I may not have a child of my own, but I'm close enough to my sis and her drama to know what it's like to have a dirtbag ex around. I'm sure you'll be totally fine. I know what you mean about fearing the unknown though, the anticipation is pretty rough. You just need to kill time until the hearing... Might I sugget a recliner, netflix, a pair of sweet Kamina shades, and a stiff drink? xD
  7. I appreciate the wishes of luck! I've been so nervous about this all day and my anxiety has been through the roof. I do really well being calm when a situation calls for it so I should do good on that part. I have text messages to prove my ex jerking me around about getting to see and have our son so I hope that will help me out. That and the fact he has the nerve to try to get custody when he has never even helped me with our son. He wouldn't even keep a job to support us. It's funny, I don't really have doubts on winning as much as I'm just afraid of the unknown you know? This is definitely something I don't want to ever repeat again once it's over.
  8. ^_^ Well I'm glad you got a decent nights sleep, sounds like you could really use it!

    I'm sorry to hear about that custody hearing though, I can't imagine how scary that must be. Though as long as you are calm, polite, respectful, and bring evidence of your claims, everything should be fine. My sister went through a similar incident, and part of the reason she won was due to her being calm and respectful while her dirtbag ex was pretty much the opposite. Try to let your ex make most of the mistakes. I hope this advice helps a bit, and I'll be wishing you nothing but the best of luck! ^_^
  9. Good morning, friend! = ) I logged off last night before I got your message = P It was a decent night. I was thankful I got a nice night of sleep. First decent night of rest I've had in a while. I appreciate the offer to talk and I may need to take you up on that. I've been a complete wreck. It sucks. I've got a hearing tomorrow for temp custody of my son. I'm scared to death. I've never been in court before. I just can't take my mind off of it
  10. <_< I-It's not like I wanted to accept it or anything... Baka...

    ^_^ Yeah I'm having an okay night, I hope you are too! I noticed some of the stuff you were saying in the threads, and it sounds like you're due for at least a somewhat decent night. If you ever need someone to talk to, I'm always willing to listen!
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