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Conversation Between Rarity and Albear

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  1. Alright, my friend responded..and I feel really dumb because the ”customize your profile” is right above the comment box here in your profile.
  2. For your first question, I will ask another friend of mine, since I don't know that and never done it.
    As for quotes, go to the bottom of someone's post in the forum. There should be a ”reply with quote” button. In the blogs, click the ”reply” button at the end of the bar that highlights a person's name.
  3. It's okay. *Hugs*
  4. No. It's what some girl bronies call themselves. It means a girl fan of MLP FIM.
  5. Heheh do you call yourself a pegasister?
  6. Spike and Rarity. :3
    I also like Twilight..
  7. Who is your favorite?
  8. *Brohoof*
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