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Conversation Between BlackButler666 and Will Phuah

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  1. I'm sorry I didn't reply you for such a long time, I was really busy. ><
  2. Oh ok, also have u seen saiyuki yet!
  3. Yeah! Me too! Laughs and cries till the end, I loved it! ><
    I see, I like TamakixHaruhi. XD Not a Yaoi pair though.
  4. I hated that the anime ended so soon but I am a TamakiXkyouya fan!
  5. Okay. Yup! I love it! ><
  6. No I don't think so I don't, have u seen Ouran high school host club^ ^
  7. Jigoku Shoujo is Hell Girl.
    I see... Have you seen Kimi Ni Todoke?
  8. Well I am not that big of a horror fan but I like pet shop of horrors and Hell girl but Romance is my favourite
  9. Horror type, but very touching towards the end. You should try it if you fancy these type of genres.
  10. Oh ok:/ but anyway wht type of anime is that?
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